How We can keep our consistency’s

Our daily performance and results in different areas of our life depends on the Consistency. Human thoughts, feelings, attitude and actions lead to determines our consistency. Our Feelings, thoughts, attitudes and actions are modified by the presence of our motives in what we are trying to achieve. Motives come into different forms. For example, we may be looking for happiness, money, social status or to bring impression as an end fo what we are doing. Our motives behind what we are doing toward something helps us to keep consistencies in what we do. For example, If we believe our actions will result into our happiness as the end product, we tend to do whatever it takes to satisfy our end needs. The awareness and maintenance of our motives can create automatic consistency for a person’s effective functioning in anything. The understanding of our motives bring the feelings of attachment between what we do and what we target to achieve. It allows a room for planning, applying and reorganizing the right approaches to meet the end needs.

Whenever we ignore to identify our primary’s motives in anything we want to achieve, results in inconsistencies and failure. The worst thing we can image to ourselves is to have a hope that we can keep our consistencies for a long time without recognizing the ends feelings we want to achieve in our missions. Without self-inspection of our motives we will start struggling in implementing in our strategies to attain our ends satisfactions. In order to avoid our inconsistencies we must ask ourselves one question. WHAT IS OUR MOTIVES IN WHAT WE DO?, Always remember to answer that question before starting doing what you targets to do.


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